Concrete Fencing Posts


Concrete Slotted fence posts are the more permanent alternative to timber posts as each
post has four internal 8mm steel reinforcing bars going through each corner. Here at Kent
Fencing Supplies we provide aesthetic options so our posts are universal meaning one end
is diamond top and the other end is bobble top.

This allows the consumer to choose which
they prefer. Concrete fence posts provide strength and durability to your fencing and are not
susceptible to rot in the ground. We recommend 2 bags of post mix and at least 22 to 26in in
the ground All of our fencing panels will fit into the slotted fence posts.




Traditional board fencing. Featuring a wide range of applications and being pressure treated for external use, our fencing slats are ideal for all types of fencing projects.

Concrete fence posts are an excellent alternative to timber fence posts for all of our fence panels.

Many different styles of wooden garden gates are available from Kent fencing supplies. One of our most popular gates is the feather edge gate, which is handcrafted in Longfield, Kent, using the finest wood.