Frequently Asked Questions

We are a team garden fencing experts with lots of experience in domestic and commercial fencing services.

The main thing to ensure is that our drivers have easy access to the space where you want your goods dropped off. If you have any concerns about access, it’s best to let us know well ahead of the delivery date.

Please make sure that you are freely available and that we have the correct contact number for you. If our driver cannot contact you, there’s a chance that the delivery may be delayed or cancelled, possibly at a cost to you. If your order contains any heavy items, a fit and able person must be present to help offload the delivery. (For insurance reasons, unfortunately our drivers are unable to enter residences.)

Yes we will require a signature after the products have been delivered.

Please contact us via email or mobile as we are always updating our product list

Yes we can grind the gravel board down to the size you require

We accept card, cash and bank transfers as payment for the produ

This can vary depending on stock levels and deliveries scheduled. However we do aim to get your products delivered within 7-12 days, if not earlier.